Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Boy was I wrong

NBC News Photo

Boy was I wrong.

We are driving home and see a number of police cars and two channel 4 news van a few blocks from our home. My first thoughts is, "Car Accident." So I put it in my mind to watch their news that night. The news shows the Verrazano Bridge having a car chase. It starts in New Jersey. U.S. Marshals chasing a man that they had gone to arrest. They then had the New Jersey State police take over.  At some point the car chase was in New York. So Staten Island  police were next in line to take over.

The police reach out to the Port Authority Police (MTA) and ask to have the bridge and highway closed into Brooklyn. They had the bridge all to themselves. He was finally caught in Brooklyn by MTA police and Brooklyn police. The crazy things people do to get away from the police. That was a mad crazy car chase.

Whole story here.