Friday, June 26, 2015

Head to Heart

I took this picture on a trip Upstate New York, so peaceful there.

We tend to do re-pair jobs on our lives. Don't do minor re-pairs, do a complete re-construction from head to heart. What I'm saying is don't keep going over the old so much. The pat is the past, go to the present and maybe the future will have you walking side by side with the love of your life. Happiness is a little over rated, so search for the joy in life. LyDaum

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lo has been very busy!

My Photo Vegas strip
My photo of Vista House state Park, Oregon

Lo has been traveling a bit. First a trip to Portland Oregon. My oldest son, Simo married his lovely lady Peggy. My son finished college there and the relationship bloomed. They returned to New York a few years ago. We all returned to Oregon for a wonderful wedding. We had a lovely wedding in the Greek Orthodox Church, Then a fun reception with some Greek dancing,everyone had an amazing time.  This was not my first visit. When my son was going to college there I had gone to see he a few times. It was great showing our friends the Pearl District, which I knew well. Great coffee shops, lovely little shops for clothes and many product made in Oregon.There are so many art gallery in the area. The people are so friendly and everyone moves at a very nice pace, no rushing like in New York. My husband enjoyed all the beautiful waterfalls.  Multnomah Falls is just breathtaking. On the way to the airport we stopped at the beautiful Rose Garden Park. So many colors and different roses, just lovely.  I had never seen the Vista House Crown Point, Oregon State Park. What an amazing view. The green forest, mountains and the blue water was so awesome.

Next I returned home on Monday and Friday I was on another plane to Las Vegas NE. I was attending another wedding, my sister daughter was getting married. It was nice seeing family I hadn't seen in awhile. My sister lives in Germany, her children live here in the states. This was my very first trip to Vegas. I must say, I not a gambler at all. I did try the machine a bit and lost! The wedding was in a very nice chapel and after we had dinner at a very nice Brazilian Restaurant, Pampas. We stayed at the Paris Hotel and Casino. I found it so strange to come down for breakfast at 8;00am and people are in the dress clothes, drinking and playing cards. I guess it's true, Vegas never sleeps.The couple wanted to have dinner at the famous Gordon Ramsay Restaurant. I had beef wellington, it was like butter, worth every penny and it was a lot of pennies! Lol I had my first look at the Hoover Dam and the amazing Grand Canon. I must return to see more of the Canon, it just takes your breath away.  Not happy with the 104 heat at all.