Saturday, February 21, 2015

Well how did I get here?

Well how did I get here? Lets do a little sharing.

Blog Class (1)
I went back to school after too many years to say.
I never went to college, so this was so weird to me.
We had snow, it was cold and the roads were so iced.
I was looking for a reason not to go.
My older son said, "I'll drive you mom."
My younger son and his wife paid for this class for me.
It was part of a Christmas gift.

Wow, I had to stand up, say my name and what did I want from this class.
I managed somehow!
We were given a mini test. OMG am I really in school again?
Not to worry the teaches say,"Just want to know what you know."
The test was to see how much knowledge we have about computers.

I knew about 60% of the answers.
 We are a class of nine and I believe I'm the oldest.
My son walked me to class, it was night and the campus is pretty big.
When class ended, he was sitting on the bench outside my classroom
with his fiance.
I smiled and asked, "Did you think I might cut class?"


  1. I think almost everyone felt the same way ! :)

  2. It is never "too many years" to go back to school.

    1. This is so very true, this was a big jump for me. Ths

  3. That's what I feel too. My little lovely kids asked me,'Mom you still need to go to school???' with their eyes opened big and filled with curious!

    1. It's a blessing that you still want to know more. You are a wonderful example for them. Ths

  4. Great blog site. Looking forward to many more posting......Blessings

  5. Soubds great snd exciting welcome to the blog world