Friday, July 17, 2015

My Dreamcatcher

This is my photo,
I love dreamcatcher, I have a number of them in my home. I have a friend that enjoys making them. The funny things is, she isn't Native American, her husband is and she understands so much. She made my dreamcatcher with blue, black, yellow and white beads.

 I love eagles, so she placed a bird and a few purple  stones for my birth month on the dreamcatcher. She makes them personal, each one is different. I brought this one to keep near me when I'm writing. When I went to Oregon in late May, I  found this eagle. The eagle has great vision and a free spirit. I always thought of the eagle as the protector of the skies and could fly so near our Creator.
I wanted to know the meaning of the bead colors she gave me. I got this information from a site called "Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society."

I learned, the ring is for mother earth and the web is for the spider. The web will catch the bad dreams, and the good dreams would know their way through the web . The blue bean is for father sky, our Creator. Black is for two roads, one is for help and peace, the other is about self destruction.

I read the white was the White Nation. It is to acknowledge the white people and their ancestors.They hope to find a way to work together for the good of all the people. I have yellow on one of my dreamcatcher. Yellow is for the sun rising everyday and new beginnings. I found this to be so interesting and it made me want to learn more about this cultural that is a part of my ancestors. My paternal side had Blackfoot.

Native Americans have a strong belief in the earth and all it has to give us. If they killed an animal, they used every part of the kill, nothing is left unused.  It really is nice knowing a little about other people's beliefs.

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